The artist with the Erasmus Darwin Statue

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12.12.12. E Conchis Omnia

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The Erasmus Darwin Statue was unveiled on Wednesday by Christopher Darwin and Kenneth Humphries, Chairman of Lichfield District Council. The 7.5ft bronze statue has now been sited at the entrance to Beacon Park and will be there for generations to enjoy and engage with.

Peter Walker working on the Erasmus Darwin Statue.

by Peter Walker Email

The 12.12.12. will see the formal unveiling of the statue of Erasmus Darwin. The statue has been in development for many years and has been sculpted and cast in 2012. This is a first glimpse of the statue in the studio with the artist working on it. It stands over 7ft and has been cast in bronze for permanent location in Beacon Park Lichfield.

Work goes on show in Lichfield Gallery

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Peter is delighted that a copy of Icarus, is currently on show alongside working drawings from the development for the sculpture The Formation of Poetry at the new art gallery , Emporium in Lichfield.

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E Conchis Omnia

by Peter Walker Email

A short film depicting the development of the Erasmus Darwin Statue - which is being unveiling in Lichfield on the 12/12/12

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