lightinguptime Llanelli 26.1.13 - trading card collection

by Peter Walker Email

Look out for cards around the town of Llanelli and collect the full set to complete a limited edition artwork associated to the lighting uptime event.

each card uniquely links to a micro website - check the QR's to discover more

Snibston InsideOut 2/3 December 2011

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Initial staging of InsideOut at Snibston in 2011. The show has been recommissioned for a new 10 projection installation entitled Coal Play which takes place on the 19.1.13

Coal Play is an externalGalleries production with colleagues Andy McKeown and David Harper.

lightTest sheffield

by Peter Walker Email

externalGalleries artist Peter Walker, Andy McKeown and David Harper will be undertaking their second major lighTest on Weston Park Museum in Sheffield on 24.11.12
the lightTest will look to develop new ways of linking large scale projection and museum archives together and will form the basis of their new collaborative work moving forward.

externalGalleries lightTest in Llanelli for lighting up time 2013

by Peter Walker Email

A short film giving inside into the forthcoming Lighting Up Time Project in Llanelli.

Coordinated by artist Peter Walker, Andy McKeown and David Harper the final show will comprise over 4 hours of visual and audio relating to the history of the town, projected over the buildings in the centre of the towns historic heart.