by 52 Weeks of Art

Have you ever thought you’d like to design a piece of public art, get involved in research and learn how designs evolve? If so, then now’s your chance. As part of the development of a monumental sculpture to Erasmus Darwin, one of Lichfield’s most famous figures, an opportunity has arisen for members of the general public to be involved in designing the artwork right from the very start. Erasmus Darwin House will be holding free workshops between October 26th-30th where you can work with sculptor Peter Walker a.r.b.s, on the development of the monument design.

How can you get involved?

Simply write why you would like to be involved and you could find yourself working alongside the artist this summer, researching, drawing, collecting images and thoughts and even designing your own model of what you think the sculpture might look like which will be exhibited to the public to view later this year. No previous skills are necessary, just an interest and a commitment to attend the workshop project, you don’t even have to have drawn a picture before. Did you go to art college when you were younger and never got the opportunity to become an artist, are you are a young artist about to go to university and want to gain experience, do you have an interest in art and want to get involved; or are you just interested in how the local area develops.

The statue is to be sited on Beacon Park, in the plans for the newly renovated park scheme. Subject to funding, this monumental bronze artwork will last forever as a testament to Erasmus Darwin. And what’s more, those involved in the workshop project will have their names cast in bronze upon the sculpture forever.

Anyone over 16 may apply, there are no upper age limits – however those under 18 would require a note of permission from the guardian.

The workshops have been funded by a grant from Staffordshire County Council Development Fund. The workshops are free but there are limited places.

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