First Poster Design Revealed

by 52 Weeks of Art

The first design for a series of 26 public art posters to be sited around Lichfield has been revealed. The poster series will highlight an A-Z history of art in the 20th Century through depicting some of the most significant movements, artists and artworks produced, but with a twist. Each piece being reworked to have a link to Lichfield itself.

The first poster links to one of the centuries most important figures - Joseph Kosuth, who is regarded as one of the first conceptual artists. The poster, is literally a definition of the word poster, which echos the early work of Kosuth. Through the use of the definition of a words various incarnations, the artwork itself if formed, depicting a conceptual picture of what a specific word is.

The choice of a work relating to the legacy of Kosuth as a the first image of the series has been chosen as it is an obvious link to the history of the city and its most famous son Samuel Johnson, whose use of illustrative poetic quotations helped inform the manner in which he approached the construction of his Dictionary of the English Language.

To find out more about Kosuth please click here. (This is an external site not affiliated to 52 weeks of art).