Collaborative work to preview at Schools in Lichfield Area

by 52 Weeks of Art

52 Weeks of Art will be developing 4 collborative art projects in 2009-2010. These will relate to four different artforms, alongside the development of new audience and participatory opportunities.
Discussions this week wil see artwork produced as a result of these projects being previewed in both Netherstowe High School and Chase Terrace High School. The artworks will be loaned to the schools for academic terms and located in areas of the school where the students will be able to view and interact with. It is aimed that this will help develop students understanding of alternative, abstract and contemporary art practice.
Discussion with other schools in the area with hopefully mean that this opportunity to view artwork will extend to as many students as possible.
The loan of the works will also incorporate an opportunity to discuss the work with artists.
Following display of the work at the schools further venues and locations for exhibition will be sought.