The Freedom of Speech at Speakers Corner

by 52 Weeks of Art

Artists Peter Walker and David Harper revealed their latest collaborative installation artwork at the first anniversary of Lichfields speakers corner this weekend. The sculpture and sound artwork became a central feature of the celebrations. The sculpture which was sited at the end of Dam Street near to the site of the Speakers Corner was a point of fascination throughout the day.

Sculpture on Display in Cathedral

by 52 Weeks of Art

A new sculpture and sound installation has been placed in Lichfield Cathedral for the next two weeks. The sculpture is a bronze cast representation based upon the concept of Mary Magdalene’s suffering at the Crucifixion of Christ. This is represented through the reduction, distortion and abstraction of the realistic physiognomy of the portrait, which has been designed to convey both powerful and poignant emotional qualities. The representation of the portrait has been developed in line with the historic portrayals of Mary Magdalene produced since the Renaissance, initially in Italy and thereafter in Northern Europe, both as wood carvings and cast works. These include the screaming depiction of Mary Magdalene by Del Arca in his interpretation of the “Lamentation of the Dead Christ”. In line with this legacy the current work reinterprets this inheritance through 20th and 21st century visual means (such as the inheritance of cubist form, and the development of abstraction as key to the expression of emotive qualities). The power of the work is duly modified and complemented by the inclusion of sound alongside the sculpture. The sculptural work was completed first, and then the composer produced the companion sound piece as a second element. The sound is constant meditative composition, which ebbs between and alludes to different emotional qualities during the duration of the composition, which in its entirety runs for approximately eight hours. The composition is intended to be especially quiet – intended almost as a whisper. The sculpture which is located in the south trancept of the Cathedral will be on display until the 2nd Arpil.

The sculpture is by Peter Walker and the sound composition by David Harper.

Evolution of Evolution Poster

by 52 Weeks of Art

The Evolution of Evolution is a reworking of the famous Alferd Barr - Cubism and Abstract Art poster of the 1930's. Utilizing the iconic image of Barr's work it makes for an interesting fine art take on the the stages of Evolutionary thinking.

The Botanic Garden

by 52 Weeks of Art

Despite the rain, snow and freezing temperatures a good audience of around 75 people turned out to see the full text of the Botanic Garden, Erasmus Darwin's most famous work, projected onto the original entrance facade of his former home in the city. The project put together by Peter Walker and Andy McKeown, saw this masterpiece accompanied by works of local poets.
Such an important works as Darwin's poem, can be lost or forgotten over time, and this project enabled a perfect opportunity for the vastness of the work to be explored. The full projection took over 3 hours to complete, with the projection providing both a thought provoking and aesthetic addition.

College Poster Designs Revealed

by 52 Weeks of Art

South Staffordshire College students base in the arts department at Lichfield have provided 6 new posters for the Public Art Poster Project. Arrangements are being made for these to be displayed very soon for everyone to see.

More information relating to the posters will be available soon.

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