College Poster Designs Revealed

by 52 Weeks of Art

South Staffordshire College students base in the arts department at Lichfield have provided 6 new posters for the Public Art Poster Project. Arrangements are being made for these to be displayed very soon for everyone to see.

More information relating to the posters will be available soon.

Local Residents Tell Their Stories

by 52 Weeks of Art

Residents of David Garrick Gardens in Lichfield spent time with a collaborative group of artists last week, recalling their memories and their thoughts of the city over the past 60 years. Their stories are to be part of a new work, one of two created by the collaboration in the city, which will be touring local schools later in the year.

Mary recalls memories of her life in Lichfield

Your Say!

by 52 Weeks of Art

In May a one day art installation will feature at Speakers Corner in Lichfield. The artwork will include a combination of original historic speeches from history - combined with the thoughts and feelings of people from the city. So have your say - we are looking for short 2 minute thoughts and ideas on any subject. These will then be added to the 8 hour sound piece which will be part of the installation. Either send in your own recording or watch out for our recording days which will be advertise very soon.
For more information email

The Sound Of Mary Magdalene

by 52 Weeks of Art

A new sculpture entitled The Sound of Mary Magdalen is to be seen in Lichfield for the first time in March. The display as part of the ongoing developments of the 52 Weeks of Art Project will see the sculpture at Lichfield Cathedral for a 2 week period from March the 18th. The sculpture is a powerful depiction of human emotion. The display in March sees the sculpture accompanied by a unique sound artwork. The work has been produced as a direct response to the sculpture, with the Composer David Harper, using the sculpture as a catalyst for the production of the accompanying sound piece.

Priya Chohan chosen for Wedge Gallery Residency

by 52 Weeks of Art

Priya Chohan has been selected for the first 52 Weeks of Art Residency which will begin in early February, and culminate in an exhibition in March.

Priya Chohan’s work is non-image and process based. She is interested in philosophies about mapping and time, in the ephemeral and in the traces of actions, exploring this through her use of material.

Having recently made drawings and objects using graphite and pigment, she enjoys experimenting with wax, clay and lead to make organic forms, juxtaposing this experimentation with traditional techniques.

From thinking about mark-making and the expanded idea of sculpture and drawing, she has developed an innovative egg tempera paint to create simple sculptural objects which reference the traditional shape of a canvas as well as implying natural brick like structures that could have come out of the earth.

Chohan’s practice involves concurrently working on several ideas in the studio and, as a result, the works inform each other and relationships develop between them. These relationships are visual and conceptual, through organic marks and the works’ physicality, as well as through the way they relate to her ideas about drawing and painting. She makes works, which, as individual objects are small and intimate – together they create a rich, dense experience, playing on these relationships.

She recently co-founded an artist group, 4 Walls. Within this group, she started peer critique sessions, which are now being piloted by Chisenhale Gallery, London. She will be an artist in residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales, in Summer 2010, and has a forthcoming solo exhibition at Yorkshire Art Space, Sheffield, in September 2010. Recent group shows include Play, Pause, Stop at Portman Village Galleries, London, and One or Several Wolves? at Kingsgate Gallery, London.

As part of her residency with ‘52 Weeks of Art’ at Wedge Gallery and Project Space, she will make an experimental ‘landscape’ within the space.

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