Poetry on Darwin House

by 52 Weeks of Art

Would you like to have you poetry exhibited alongside the work of one of Lichfield’s greatest poets?

On the 27th February Artists Andy McKeown and Peter Walker will be creating a stunning spectacle by projecting the full version of Erasmus Darwin’s masterpiece – The Botanical Garden, onto the side of his former home within the City. The text of the poem, will be shown as a unique textStream animation projection artwork.

Alongside this, Lichfield poets of today are to be given the opportunity to have their work projected onto the side of Darwin House, alongside the poet work of the House’s former resident.

Anyone wishing to have their work included in the project should contact the artists directly. “This is a great opportunity to have your own poetry seen by a new audience, and an opportunity to continue the great legacy of Lichfield’s famous poets”, Peter Walker. “It doesn’t matter at what level you write, or what age you are, we will include your work in the project”.

There are two ways to get involved, either forward a short poetic work (no more than ten lines) on the subject of Lichfield, botany, nature, science, or Erasmus himself and your work will be included in the project. Alternatively contact the artists if you would like to input your own poem on the evening of the event. It is suggested that you contact the artist team in advance to assure your involvement. The text of your poem will not be shown as a conventional poem is seen on a page but as a part of a unique textStream animation artwork, and will appear as a part of a collection of live poetic works.

Erasmus Darwin House will feature the large-scale artwork for one evening only between 6-9pm on the 27th February. Residents may have seen the work of Andy and Peter during last year Son et Lumiere, as both artists were the lead artists in the Johnson at 300 production. The is a smaller and more intimate look at another of the cities most significant former residents, and represents another aspect of the continued 52 Weeks of Art Project currently being run in the city.

If you would like to be apart of this unique project or for more information contact info@52weeksofart.com

Origins – textStream animation from the full text of Darwin’s Origin of Species – Andy McKeown November 24 2009 – light installation onto Quantum Leap – Mardol Quay Shrewsbury

Anna Seward and Lichfield Angel Inspired Posters

by 52 Weeks of Art

Further artworks inspired by the history and heritage of the City have been produced. Lichfield has a broad and diverse past, and this is seen in the latest two poster designs for public display.
The first designed by Matt Clough is based upon the stricking Saxon Angel, in Lichfield Cathedral,(and has been designed in the style of Patrick Caulfield) whilst the second, designed by Hamish McKeown, depicts Anna Seward, a former resident of the city and contemporary of Johnson and Darwin, and who was an esteemed poet of her age (in the stlye of Rodchenko)

New Posters Revealed

by 52 Weeks of Art

Two new posters designed by Natalie Adams which are to be displayed in Lichfield have been completed. Natalie was asked to produce these posters after winning a prize at the 2009 Burntwood Open arts exhibition - where her talents as a photographer were spotted.
They will be appearing in the City very soon

"Inspired" and was inspired by Martin Moos' image "Sunset over the Jardin Des Tuileries".

"View From The Close" and was inspired by Clay Davidson's image "Street View of La Tour Eiffel".

Residency Shortlist Announced

by 52 Weeks of Art

Four Artists have been shortlisted for the Artist in Residency Position at the Wedge Gallery. The residency consists of a 2 week development period at South Staffordshire College, and a 4 week exhibition of produced work, with the addition of previous artwork.

The shortlist comprises

Joanna Bryan
Priya Chohan
Kirsty E Smith
Zoe Schoenherr

Over 30 artists applied for the position, with the resident artist being selected in the next 2 weeks.

Art on the side of your house!

by 52 Weeks of Art

Your home or business could soon be the backdrop for a striking piece of artwork.

If you are interested in the arts, have a unique building, wish to bring attention to your business or simply have a space which would benefit from an injection of colour then you may be interested in providing a temporary home for a piece of art.

The artworks come in the form of large external public art posters, which are being produced as a series of 26 images that depict different art styles from the 20th century but with a twist as they all have a link to Lichfield.

The first three public art posters which showed reworkings of Andy Warhol, with a pop art version of Samuel Johnson; Rat le Bek with a street art interpretation of David Garrick and Joseph Kosuth with a dictionary definition of the historic uses of the poster have already been on display on St John’s House, one of Lichfield’s finest grade II* listed Georgian buildings.

The posters are being designed by professional and developing artists, students and schools, including up and coming artists from around the area and students at the College of arts.

All of the posters have been designed as part of the ‘52 Weeks of Art’ project, which is supported by the Arts Council West Midlands. The project has been developed to raise the profile of the visual arts in the city by offering free access to the general public.

The posters will be ready for display at various points during February – May 2010. Placement of the posters will have no adverse effect on your building.

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